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The idea about HOMITO was created in our minds years ago. We started setting it into motion at the end of 2017 and were able to launch the first version by the spring of 2018. 

HOMITO is built on our vast experience of what can go wrong when searching and investing in properties outside of your own home market. There are many obstacles and barriers which need to be crossed. On the Realtor side we need to have a System for Realtors that is global, easy to use and smartphone adaptive. On the client side we have language barriers, cultural and legal differences and most of all the challenge of finding the right realtor who cares, is competent and will represent the client’s interest by offering security, knowledge and trust.

To invest in a property can sometimes be the biggest deal of our lives. The size of a real estate agency and brand does not necessarily mean that each individual agent that works there is great. In the end, it is all about people getting a deal done.

At HOMITO we try to identify the best of the best. Our ambition is to list only properties which come from the best realtors. Not everyone qualifies. We choose quality before quantity regardless of company brand, size and nationality. All approved HOMITO realtors agree on our Code of Ethics. This is one way to secure that we all share the same view about how business is done and ethical standard. 

Our aim is to be the smartest and most secure international home portal for realtors and clients. Therefore, we will continue to improve and add more cool features which we hope will help you to choose HOMITO as your trusted home portal.

We hope you like it.

Welcome to HOMITO!

Global Ambassador and Co-Founder

Head of Development and Co-Founder